City Governement

The City of Keyser was incorporated on February 3, 1913. The City of Keyser has a Mayor-Council form of government; each member serves a four-year term. Elections are held every two years on the second Tuesday in June. The Mayor and two Council members are elected within one election, and the remaining three Council members the next. Each Council member is appointed to serve on department boards as commissioners. Some of those include, but are not limited to: Parks and Recreation, Streets, Finance, Waste Water Treatment, Water Treatment.

The City Council is the legislative body that makes all policy determinations throughout the City enacting ordinances and resolutions. The City Council also approves or denies the city budget for expenditures based on how the City will obtain its funds. The City Council appoints all members of boards, commissions, and committees.

The City Administrator is appointed by the Council to do administrative duties as dictated by the Council. The City Administrator also overseas the day-to-day business within the city, he or she then reports to the council on a regular basis with concerns or issues, and provides a report on progress.

Some of the other positions that are appointed by the Council include the Tax Clerk, Recorder, City Clerk, and the various department supervisors.

The City Attorney is also appointed by the City Council and acts as Chief Legal Counsel to the City.

The City of Keyser also provides a full range of services to its residents. These services include, but are not limited to: fire protection, road maintenance, infrastructure, inspections and licensing, and recreational activities. The City of Keyser also owns and maintains its own water supply and wastewater treatment facility. The Main Street area, and the rest of the downtown sections include a mixture of on-street and off-street parking. On-street parking makes up the most of the parking system and is operated with parking meters. There’s also a transit system provided by the Potomac Valley Transit Authority (PVTA).

The City of Keyser is also the county seat of Mineral County West Virginia, and is part of the Cumberland Maryland Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population is estimated at 5,264 according to the 2014 census. The City of Keyser is also styled as “The Friendliest City in the U.S.A.”.



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